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Designers at Lakeshore Business Interiors have seen vast changes in the design trends of Commercial Design. It used to be that employees had cubicles allowing them to work independently, but now the key to happiness is flexibility. Open floor plans with multiple desking options can provide employees with both private areas for deep focus and alternative spaces for collaboration.  Many of our manufacturers have adapted to this new trend and we are pleased to offer some great products.

One important concept that has stormed today's market is ergonomics. Simply put, the study of ergonomics tells us that no two people are alike, there for, work environments need to accommodate thusly. Luckily it is very easy to make these accommodations with adjustable chairs and unique inventions like the sit- stand.

Another invention opening doors in the commercial market are Swiftspace workstations. Portable workstations that allow the user to set up or take down in minutes.


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