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Man vs. Machine? or Man with Machine?

Ergonomics is a study between humans and their environment. Like every story there is always two sides. One could say machines were designed for humans but humans were never designed for machines. Science will tell us that no two human bodies are exactly same. So how can one chair ever fit all?

By studying human behavior and the body's natural form, guidelines have been set to enhance productivity and well being in the work place:

  • For maximum comfort, position keyboard height so arms are relaxed and elbows rest easily at sides.

  • Wrists should be in a neutral position.

  • Use padded palm supports and a properly positioned mouse pad to minimize wrist and shoulder stress.

  • Knees should be elevated slightly above seat pan with feet securely on the floor or on a footrest.

  • Whenever body fatigue or stiffness begins from sitting with your body in a “locked” position or from performing a repetitive task, change positions, stand up or stretch.

Ergnomic positions

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Right Angle.JPG

Ideal ergonomic positions. Image: UNC Safety Newsletter OSHA

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